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The Great Escape (John Sturges, 1963) – Adventure | IMDB: 8,2/10

I don’t know if classics are your type. If this is the case, this one is a must-see. And there’s an impacting scene, even if you´re not a fan of old movie: Triumph TR6 Trophy memorable jump! 

Easy Rider (Dennis Hopper, 1969) – Adventure | IMDB: 7,3/10

Rebel bikers. Breaking of rules. Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson as outlaws. A Harley called Captain America. What more needs to be said? 

Mad Max (George Miller, 1979) – Action | IMDB: 6,9/10

Here you’ll find an apocalyptic scene spiced up with Kawasaki’s: KH250 (1976), and KZ1000 (1977). That’s right, these ladies rule the roads. 

Rumble Fish (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983) – Crime | IMDB: 7,2/10

Ready for another Kawasaki?  This one is a 440 LTD twin cylinder, Mickey Rourke’s princess. As a teenager, you’ll be impressed. As an adult, you’ll be nostalgic.

Matrix Reloaded (Wachowski Brothers, 2003) – Action | IMDB: 7,2/10

One of the most famous persecutions of action film. And I have to ask ourselves who has more style: Carrie-Ann Moss or Ducati 996.

Garden State (Zach Braff, 2004) – Comedy | IMDB: 7,4/10

Anyone who is passionate about riding a Dnepr Ukrainian cannot miss this story, more peaceful than the previous suggestions.

The Motorcycle Diaries (Walter Salles, 2004) – Adventure | IMDB: 7,8/10

The name says it all. And by the way, have you ever thought about sharing your road    recollections? 

The World’s Fastest Indian (Roger Donaldson, 2005) – Biography | IMDB: 7,8/10

We don´t want to encourage speed, but this is what’s all about. Based in a true story and starring one of the best actors of his generation. And talking about speed, don´t waste time. Because life is only a brief moment… 

Hitting the Apex (Mark Neale, 2011) – Documentary | IMDB: 8,3/10

Speed  – check. Competition – check. Narrated by Brad Pitt – chec.

Born to please MotoGP geeks. 

Skyfall (Sam Mendes, 2012) – Action | IMDB: 7,8/10

The name is CRF250R. Honda CRF250R. This beauty was adapted to appear like a Turkish motorcycle and rides across Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar roof-tiles. Who is the Bond Girl after all? 

Well, no more words ‘cause now we feel the need, the need for speed!