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The Motorbike Book: Definitive Visual History, by Jemima Dunne

Have you ever stop to study motorbikes evolution throughout its history? Grab this cultural break at the end of the day. 

Under Locke, by Mariana Zapata

Two words for this romance: attractive and bingeable. Mariana Zapata is a serious case of success and her books are always highly anticipated. Try it! 

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig

A father, his 11-year-old son, some friends and theories about life. And, last but not least, amotorcycle tour from Minnesota to San Francisco. A masterpiece.  

Motorcycles I Have Loved: A Memoir, by Lily Dalton

When life gives you rotten fruit… make lemonade. That’s right. Find your reasons to live while you’re riding and everything will fall into place.  A female self-sureness portrait.

How to look sexy with bugs in your teeth: a Motorcycling Manual for Women, by T. Yeager

Do yourself a favor and read this enthralling perception into how 70’s society conceived female motorcyclists. A must-have.

Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe, by Colette Coleman

Planning an escape? This is the ideal reference. You’ll be guided through the most magnificent locations and it’ll work as a traineeship before the true adventure. 

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