About us

About us


The stage is the road.
The connection goes further.

I’m Marco. And I admire motorbikes since I can remember. Along came the equipment and accessories. And still, I know I’m not special. Gloves, helmet and jacket are valuable assets to all motard heroes.

Long gone are the times when a hanger was enough. For years, the jacket on a chair and the helmet falling over the table raised a need for change.

I wanted to privilege space distribution. Taking care of scenarios, with due consideration for gadgets safety. From urging to the idea. From the idea to the project. No brakes.

Well, I guess it was a fast journey.

Wild souls, meet Qthrone!

“What today is the limit, tomorrow it ceases to be” – Miguel Oliveira, MotoGP Race Winner

Our mission

Helmet Holder - Finally the solution for motorcyclists: keep your gear safe, and turn it to a work of art in your wall!

You don´t know me, I don´t know you. Still, I know that you must be a motorbike fan – just like me – or you wouldn´t be reading this. But I know even more. I know that your routine certainly has affinities with mine. This is what happens when the interests are the same.

So, I dedicated myself to this task. Providing you with what also brings me organization and help. To share with you my aesthetic vision. But most importantly, I’m constantly working on making things easier for me. And as you can see, for you too.

Well, time challenge. Do you want to guarantee the integrity of your equipment? Are you a believer in functionality, without giving up design? Just imagine how it would be have QThrone in your home.

Or maybe you have already done it by now. 


“Looks great. Holds everything. Hasn’t fallen off the wall.”
Chris West
“Received ahead of the estimated time. Well made and looks great!”
Travis Eshleman
“Shipped fast and looks great. Thanks!”
“My husband is so excited for this piece! its a perfect way to display and keep his gear safe! Thank you! ”
Laura Spencer